Software Services

The Software Group at Cyantic Systems produces mission critical applications for businesses. We have demonstrated our ability to successfully analyze business processes and to implement efficient and capable software to support these processes.

We are deeply immersed in the methodologies of Objected Oriented Design and Programming. From a technology perspective, we have been developing under a combination of Solaris and OpenStep for 7 years. OpenStep, which was developed by NeXT Computer, is now the foundation of Apple Computer's forthcoming MacOS X. It is also a multi-platform development environment.

In general we use a first tier database like Sybase, along with specialized compute and data servers developed by us and running on Solaris based servers from Sun Microsystems along with client applications running under Windows NT. This combination of technologies offers a flexible and scalable systems solution and allows our software applications to be cost effectively deployed in a variety of organizations.

We are also able to provide text processing programming capabilities using the PERL language. We have successfully written and deployed software to process large volumes of tagged text in sophisticated ways. These applications are being used to produce both printed and electronic documentation.

Our R&D activities are in the areas of Internet software development using both Java and WebObjects. In addition we continue to invest in project management techniques along with design and modelling methods to help us more efficiently produce software.

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