Pacific Rim Advisory Council

68th International PRAC Conference

New Delhi, India
October 7 - 10, 2023

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Dear Friends,

I join other members of the Kochhar & Co. Host Committee in conveying how excited we are at the prospect of welcoming you all at the 68th International PRAC Conference to be held from October 7 - 10, 2023 at The Oberoi, New Delhi.

It would be a great privilege for us to have the opportunity of hosting our PRAC friends for the second time in India.

The first three years of this decade has seen one challenge after another, with little respite. The world, not yet fully recovered from the aftermath of the COVID pandemic was confronted by the horrifying Ukraine war and its consequences. While India like the rest of the world, has no doubt been impacted, our resilient and robust economy has found a way to withstand the twin shocks. This in large measure, is attributable to our favourable demographics, an educated and skilled young workforce, and a large domestic market with an increasing demand for diverse goods and services which has helped India become an epicentre for business, investment, and buoyant economic activity.

Integrated into the world economy as we are, the challenges in India are similar - be it the dynamics of international trade relations, the shifting nature of political and economic alliances, the climate crisis, the Digital Revolution, or even the ever-altering landscape of legal services. For PRAC New Delhi, we have endeavoured to put together an exciting and interactive program that would deal with all of the above and more.

Since we last met in India in 2004, New Delhi - the National Capital of India (NCT) has emerged as one of the world’s busiest megacities. Despite all that has transformed, at its heart, Delhi remains a city where the ancient abuts the modern, and even today continues to hold visitors in its thrall as it did a thousand years ago.

With the weather being mild and pleasant, October would be a perfect time to visit Delhi - making it suitable for visiting all kinds of attractions, enjoying festivities, savouring sumptuous Indian cuisines, experiencing our vibrant culture, and enjoying an adventure specially curated for you by our enthusiastic host committee. We hope you will carry home a delightful and memorable experience of India - the land of diversity and mystic charm.

The formal registration for the New Delhi conference is now open on the PRAC Website Please, take a moment to complete the registration at your earliest convenience before the September 06 registration deadline. Should you require any assistance planning your visit to India, please feel free to contact us.

We look forward to hosting you in New Delhi.

Warm regards

Rohit Kochhar
KOCHHAR & CO Founding Member and Managing Partner

Kochhar Host Team Committee
PRAC Primary Contact - Rohit Kochhar (Mr.) New Delhi
PRAC Primary Contact - Stephen Mathias (Mr.) Bangalore
PRAC Primary Contact - Chandrasekhar Tampi (Mr.) New Delhi
Pradeep Ratnam (Mr.) New Delhi
Reena Khair (Ms.) New Delhi
Priyanka Gupta (Mrs.) New Delhi

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