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    • PRAC 68th International Conference - New Delhi - October 7-10, 2023 hosted by KOCHHAR & CO

    • ARGENTINA National government ordered payment of bonus to employees ALLENDE BREA

    • BRAZIL Patent & Trademark Office Publishes New Regulations to on Technology Agreements TOZZINIFREIRE

    • CANADA Duty to Defend - Once Again Pleadings Are Paramount RICHARDS BUELL SUTTON

    • CHILE Financial Market Commission opens consultation process on new rule on banksí early regularization CAREY

    • CHINA Decentralized Regulation and Implementation HAN KUN

    • COLOMBIA State Council nullifies Directives on Prior Consultation BRIGARD URRUTIA

    • COSTA RICA Renewal of Chemical Productions Regulation ARIAS

    • FRANCE Implementation of the Company Mobility Directive - Effects on Cross-Border and Domestic Transactions GIDE

    • HONG KONG Does Winding-Up or Arbitration Take Precedence in Insolvency HOGAN LOVELLS

    • INDIA Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023 KOCHHAR & CO.

    • JAPAN Establishment of Green Guidelines under the Anti-monopoly Act Open the Way to Resolve 2024 Issue of Transport Industry CITY-YUWA

    • MEXICO District Court Rules as Unconstitutional the Cap on Profit Sharing SANTAMARINA +STETA

    • NETHERLANDS Digital General Meeting of Legal Entities Under Private Law Act NAUTADUTILH

    • NICARAGUA New Policy to Avoid Deforestation and Forest Degradation ARIAS

    • PHILIPPINES SEC Amnesty Filing Date Extended SYCIP Law

    • SINGAPORE Crypto Assets Legal Enforceable Priority Rights - Not for All DENTONS RODYK

    • TAIWAN Reform in Remedies Following Dismissal of Reconsideration for Non-Prosecution by LEE and LI

    • UNITED STATES FEC Considers Possible Restrictions on AI and Deepfakes in Campaign Ads DAVIS WRIGHT TREMAINE

    • UNITED STATES Itís High Time for Hawaii Employers to Update their Reasonable Accommodation Practices with Respect to Medical Marijuana GOODSILL

    • UNITED STATES Department of Labor proposes exempt-status overhaul HOGAN LOVELLS


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The coronavirus (COVID-19) health pandemic continues to impact countries around the globe, presenting a large scale public health crisis.

For your ease of reference, this page provides directs links to our member firm web sites containing the latest update to date, country specific information on potentially relevant legal questions and issues relating to the coronavirus pandemic. Member firm specialty teams are in place to address your needs.

As the situation continues to evolve, we are monitoring closely. In the meantime, take care of yourself and one another.

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  • Venezuela

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