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The Pacific Rim Advisory Council ("PRAC") is a unique strategic alliance within the global legal community, with unparalleled expertise on the legal and business issues facing not only Asia but the broader Pacific Rim region.

PRAC consists of top-tier, independent law firms, each of which provides legal services to major international companies conducting substantial business across the Pacific Rim region. Each PRAC firm maintains its independence and sole responsibility for services to its clients while responding to the needs of clients referred by other PRAC members. Since PRAC members are premier firms within their domestic jurisdictions, client referrals are made to them with the confidence that prompt attention and quality expertise will be provided.

The PRAC network is based on close professional and personal relationships among its members. Semi-annual conferences are held to enhance ties; public seminars and collaborative publications on substantive areas of the law draw from our member firm’s expertise. Lawyer exchange programs among member firms contribute to the interaction. Our web site maintains an extranet enabling members to participate in on-line discussion and to access our co-operative projects and information libraries. Through the other PRAC member firms, each member firm can make available to its clients

  • timely advice on the laws and procedures of other nations;
  • skills in handling multinational matters through the assistance of PRAC member professionals already proficient in applicable foreign law;
  • introductions to other PRAC member firms for direct representation on significant matters; and
  • lawyers with access to information on trends, developments and business climates across the Pacific Rim.

    Meeting the business challenges that PRAC members face daily requires present day, immediate solutions. By anticipating future trends and working out collective strategies, PRAC endeavors to stay ahead of emerging client needs, ensuring the most effective and responsive delivery of legal services to clients.

    Beyond the prominent standing that PRAC members already enjoy in their respective countries, member firms demand from each other that our unique alliance remains at the forefront of global and regional issues and trends. We remain committed and look forward to the challenge of ensuring that these objectives are met.

    For additional information about PRAC or our members, click here to view our pdf Member Directory Or click on About PRAC top of page.